How to conduct competitive research with G2

How to use our G2 integration to conduct competitive research

If you've ever been tasked with strengthen competitive position statements, you're going to love this.

Step 1: Find your top 3 competitors on G2

Let's say your main competitor is Slack. First we need to find the Slack G2 page here:

The main piece we need is actually the slug in the URL after /products/ - here it's slack

Find this slug for your 3 competitors

Step 2: Import their most recent reviews

In your workspace, head over to Apps & integrations and find the G2 integration.

Select Configure

For each of your competitors, add the slug from step 1 and set the connection to "enabled"

Repeat this for up to 5 G2 connections.

When you're finished, select done. This will automatically create folders for the respective competitor G2 reviews where you'll find the most recent 50 reviews already being analyze.

Step 3: Create a view and filter by feature requests, pain points, etc.

Now head over to views and create a view filtered by one or more of these new G2-related folders.

You can mix and match more filters as you see fit, but we recommend narrowing down to feature requests and pain points (or do this in separate views).

Step 4: Set the view to discover

After you've set your view filters, set your view to discover. This will cluster all highlights in view by common themes.

Voila! You have a detailed look at what people are requesting from competitors, their pain points, bugs, issues, etc.

Step 5: Position

Use these newfound insights to position your product or make recommendations for your product team. How do you stack up? How can you speak directly to these pain points? The world is yours!

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