If you haven't already, review our Zapier integration docs to get access to the Zapier integration for CustomerIQ:

Step 1: Create/update a CustomerIQ folder for your Salesforce data

  1. Go to your folders page and make sure you've setup the folder you'd like to store your Salesforce data

Note: Make sure the folder settings are set to extract or not extract as you'd like. You can always change this later but it's helpful to have it right now for testing.

Step 2: Connect Zapier to Salesforce as the Trigger

  1. Go to your Zaps page and create a new Zap

  2. Click on the Trigger card and search for Salesforce

  3. Use "Updated field on record" as the event

  4. Authenticate your Salesforce app with Zapier

Step 3: Connect CustomerIQ as the Action

  1. If you haven't already, join the CustomerIQ Zapier integration using this link (

  2. Click on the Action card and search for CustomerIQ.

  3. Set the Action event to "Create Folder Submission"

  4. If you haven't already, authenticate your CustomerIQ workspace using an API key from your Apps and integrations page > API Keys

  5. Choose the folder to send submissions to

  6. Map your desired submission field from Salesforce to the Folder submission field

  7. Map remaining fields

  8. Test your integration. After refreshing the CustomerIQ window you should see the submission.

Step 4: Publish your workflow and transfer data (where possible)

  1. Publish your Zap. Now new data in Salesforce will flow into your CustomerIQ folders!

  2. Some integrations allow you to initiate a transfer of historical data. When prompted, we recommend doing this so you can get a jumpstart on your analysis.

Note: Where transfers are unavailable, we recommend importing historical data via CSV:

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