By connecting Gong you can sync and analyze call recordings directly in CustomerIQ. Workspaces on the free plan can manually select call recordings to analyze, while paid plans will automatically sync new calls so your analysis is always ready.

Step 1: Go to workspace settings

  1. From workspace settings, go to Apps and integrations

  2. On the Gong card, select Configure

Note: You must be a Gong admin to connect this integration

Step 2: Authenticate Gong

  1. Under configuration, select Authenticate and authorize CustomerIQ to access the required objects and data

Step 3: Save configuration

  1. After authentication, CustomerIQ will automatically configure a default folder for you where each synced call can be found.

  2. Select Save

You're all set! You can head over to folders and track the progress of your Gong sync. As new calls come in, the folder will automatically kick off analysis.

Gong FAQ

How much data is pulled on the first sync?

Free plans can manually select which calls they would like to sync. For paid plans, we will sync calls from the past 30 days, then automatically sync new calls as they appear in your Gong account.

How long until the first sync is ready for analysis?

This depends on the number of calls you choose to sync. Each 1 hr call takes roughly 30 seconds to process, so if you sync 30 calls, you can expect ~ 15 minutes to process. Larger accounts with more calls can take longer.

When does data update?

We sync new calls from your Gong account every 60 minutes.

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