How to track mentions of specific features

Use the topic search filter to track specific mentions

One very helpful feature of highlight views (among the many) is their ability to filter highlights by those related to any search. You can do this by using the AI search field in the view's action bar.

AI search is different from your typical keyword search in that it returns highlights that help to answer your query, not just those that match your query. You can learn more about our AI search here.

Let's talk about tracking feature mentions.

First, create a new view

With your new view, filter by the folder(s) that contain highlights you want to search against.

Add your search query

In the search box, ask your question like you would to Google. If you're curious what people say about dashboards, write, "What are people saying about dashboards?" This will return any highlights related to dashboards and surrounding conversations.

Group by account, contact, or discover themes

With highlights filtered by mention of dashboards you can now visualize them by grouping by account, contact, or AI themes. You can discover the sub topics of the dashboard conversation by setting the view to "discover"

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