Workspace setup

Everything you need to know about organizing your data and teams

The first step to getting started with CustomerIQ is creating a workspace. Workspace settings are only available to admin users.

Workspace settings

As an admin you can control the settings of a workspace.

  • Navigate to Settings

  • Add your general information

Customer tags

This is where you can manage which tags users can add to customer contact and account records.


This is where you manage members across the workspace. You can quickly add or adjust permissions to docs by selecting the doc in the dropdown list next to a user.

Remember: Only paid plans have admin-controls over user permissions. All users on free plans are admin users.


Paid plans give your workspace access to premium features and additional AI tasks. By default, your workspace will be on the free plan which means all members can access admin functionality including adding and removing members, exporting data, and deleting objects in the workspace. Upgrade your workspace anytime under Plans to define admins and access additional features.


Billing outlines which plan you're one and all information related to payments and invoices. You can update your billing information or cancel plans anytime.

Usage and limits

This is where you can find a breakdown of usage acros your workspace, where you are on limits, and which parts of the workspace are consuming your AI tasks.

Apps and integrations

Head to apps and integrations to manage all data sources in your workspace.


Find a list of all available integrations including Zapier and other native applications.

API Keys

Create, expire, or delete API keys for various integrations including Zapier.

Note: Do not share your API keys with anyone! Keep them stored in a safe, secure location.

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