📁Setting up Folders

Folders store and prep all the qualitative data in your workspace


In the start guide we introduced the foundational principles of Folders. Now we'll outline popular use cases and settings for your folders.

Folders can be used to store all the qualitative data across your organization: customer feedback, internal product documents, and even HR/benefits documents you want to make available to employees.

Changing the title/settings of folders

On any folder simply click the name of the folder to change its name.

To change whether a folder extracts highlights or not, click "settings" and toggle the extract feature.

Folder examples

We go ahead and add a number of default folders for every workspace, we'll outline those below along with their recommended insight extraction settings.

Let's dive in.

Customer feedback folders

  • Customer interviews (default, extract=TRUE)

  • Reviews (default, extract=TRUE)

  • Support calls (default, extract=TRUE)

  • Product feedback (default, extract=FALSE)

  • Feature requests (default, extract=FALSE)

  • Sales discovery calls (default, extract=TRUE)

  • Support tickets (default, extract=FALSE)

  • Slack messages (default, extract=FALSE)

  • NPS responses (default, extract=FALSE)

  • Social media mentions (default, extract=FALSE)

Competitive intelligence

  • Competitor reviews (default, extract=TRUE)

  • Industry reports (default, extract=FALSE)

  • Competitor social mentions

  • Competitor websites

Internal documentation

  • Product knowledge documents (default, extract=FALSE)

  • Standard operating procedure docs

  • Training documents

  • Books

  • Papers

  • Financial reports

HR and benefits documents

  • Employee feedback (default)

  • Benefits documents

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