📑Managing projects

Projects allow you to organize highlights relative to what you're working on.


Projects enhance the way your team manages and utilizes customer feedback to drive product improvements, documentation, and go-to-market strategies. Projects allow you to organize highlights relative to what you're working on. They also streamline the creation of various documents, including PRDs, help docs, GTM plans, and more, directly from organized insights.

How to Add Highlights to a Project

  1. Select Highlights: Browse through highlights in any view. Select one or more highlights or select all highlights within a group.

  2. Add to Project: Once you've selected the necessary highlights, add them to your project. This can be done by clicking on the "Add to Project" button, which is found on your action menu or on the group menu.

This process allows teams to focus on actionable insights that can lead to immediate improvements in customer experience.

How to Create Documents from a Project

  1. Open Your Project: Navigate to the project that contains your organized highlights.

  2. Create a new doc or select a template: Start from scratch by selecting, "New doc" or select one of the various prompts.

  3. Ask AI: From within any associated doc you can iterate with the AI Assistant to add content. Docs associated with projects include all project highlights as attachments, so the AI will always have this context as you make requests.

  4. Review and Edit: Once the draft is generated, add to the doc where you can edit, make changes, or ask AI to expand

This capability allows teams to speed up the process of creating product documentation and go-to-market materials.

How to Share Documents with Your Team

  1. Access Created Documents: Locate the document within your project that you wish to share.

  2. Select Sharing Options: Click on the "Share" button associated with the document.

  3. Choose Recipients: Specify the team members that need access to the document.

  4. Add a Message (Optional): You may add a brief message or instructions along with the document for clarity.

  5. Send/Share: Once all details are filled in, click on the "Send" or "Share" button to distribute the document among your team.

Now your team can not only maintain a cohesive understanding of customer feedback and project objectives but also ensure everyone is equipped with the latest documents and insights for informed decision-making and streamlined workflows.

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