How to analyze open-ended survey questions

A step-by-step guide to analyzing open-ended survey questions with CustomerIQ

It's not a secret that open-ended questions yield the best insights. The problem is (historically) open-ended answers are tough to analyze.

Not anymore! Now you have CustomerIQ.

Step 1: Export open-ended responses to a CSV

Most survey tools allow you to export responses. The key thing is to format the export so that each row is a new response and the first row contains your column headers.

You can see our CSV import template here for example.

Step 2: Create a folder for each column containing responses

Before you import your responses to CustomerIQ you'll want to setup folders for each of the response columns.

Now we're ready to import.

Step 3: Import the CSV

Launch the "Add data" modal and select the CSV tab.

Add your CSV file.

Map the column header of each response to its corresponding folder (that you created in Step 2).

When finished, click complete and give the import time to process.

Step 4: Create views, filter by folder(s), discover

Once your responses have processed (they will be submissions in your folders), create a view and filter by one or more of your response folders.

With your view filters applied, set the view to discover.

Voila! Your responses are neatly organized by common theme.

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