Step 1: Connect data sources

Import data through integrations or uploads

The best way to get started is to connect your key feedback data sources to your workspace. You can do this in three ways: native integrations, zapier integrations, and import.

Native integrations

Our native integrations will sync historical data (usually about 30 days) and automatically update as new data is created. Connect apps & integrations here.

Zapier integrations

If we don't have a native integration for your source you can easily build a zap using our embedded Zapier module here. If you need help building a zap reach out to us at or in our Slack community.

Add data modal

At any time you can add or upload data from the "Add data" button in your primary navigation.

Quickly add free-form text by copy/pasting text into the text field, then mapping the submission to folder and contact.

For bulk uploads, you can switch to the CSV tab and upload a CSV

Learn more:

pageCSV Import

Now that you have data processing, it's time to build your first view.

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