How to identify gaps in product documentation

Track common questions to identify gaps in product documentation

Default workspaces classify new highlights into many categories, but one especially helpful one for product marketers is "Questions."

By creating a view and filtering by Category=questions you can immediately get a comprehensive list of what your customers are asking for. This is especially useful for identifying product documentation gaps.

Step 1: Create a highlight view

Go to highlights > new view > give your new view a name

Step 2: Filter by Questions

Filter the view by category=questions

Step 3: Set to discover

Set the view to discover. Now all questions will group by their common themes.

Step 4: Identify gaps

Take a look at the themes - can you answer each one with a help document? if not, use the most popular questions to prioritize which documents you write first. You should find over time this practice steadily decreases your support ticket volume.

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