CSV Import

The CSV import modal is a powerful way to load data to folders

Launch the CSV Import modal by:

  • Click "Add data" in the top bar navigation

  • Click "Import" from any folder page

Follow these steps to initiate your import:

Step 1: Choose a CSV or download our template

Step 2: Map the columns in the CSV to CustomerIQ Fields

The only required field is to map at least 1 folder submission.

Find the column with the text you want analyzed and map it to the correct folder in CustomerIQ.

Beyond folder submissions, it is recommended to add as many available CustomerIQ fields as possible to make for more thorough analysis in the future.

Step 3: Confirm import

Confirm the import name and select "Finish import"

Step 4: Go to the folder where you imported data

You should see the data flowing in and highlights being extracted automatically where applicable.

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