Understanding AI Tasks

A quick primer on tasks and how many you need

Usage in CustomerIQ is measured by AI tasks. This helps us understand how much compute is required to have AI analyze your data. Let's answer a few common questions.

What are tasks?

A task is counted each time the AI splits or tags text. Tasks are primarily used in Folders and Views.

In Folders, tasks are used to split submissions into clips and tag clips with sentiment. The more clips you create (by uploading more data), the more tasks you will use.

In Views, tasks are used to tag clips and chat with the AI assistant. The more clips you have in view, the more tasks will be used to tag them using the discover or classify features. The more your team chats with the AI Assistant, the more tasks are used.

How many tasks do I need?

Paid plans include tasks with each seat. We've structured plans in this way so that you don't typically need to worry about your task count; however, some smaller teams work with huge amounts of data, so we have additional tasks available for purchase.

Free plans are limited in their total amount of tasks so it helps to get an idea of how they translate to data. Here's a helpful guide:

Data typeTasks used to analyze*

Support ticket

~5 depending on length


~5 depending on length


~5 depending on length

CRM Note

~10 depending on length

Call transcript

~100 depending on length

*Assumes each submission gets tagged and search by AI ~2 times through analysis in Views.

What can I accomplish on the free plan?

What you can accomplish on the free plan depends on how much data you have to analyze. Different workflows take different amount of tasks. Here are a few examples of what you can do:

  • Identify themes across 1000 support tickets

  • Identify themes across 25 calls

  • Identify themes over 1000 reviews

  • Analyze 500 CRM notes

  • Chat with the AI Assistant about 100 documents

Or some combination of all of the above.

What happens when I reach my task limit?

We will notify you when you pass 80% of your task limit. When you hit your limit you will be prompted to upgrade to a paid plan. If you are already on a paid plan and your workspace surpasses its task limit, we will notify you of the change and your workspace plan will automatically adjust to account for additional tasks. You can see pricing for additional tasks on our pricing page.

Questions about plans and pricing? Contact us to learn more.

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