🗃️Working with Highlight Views

Highlight views help you slice and dice highlights to get answers for any team


Highlights are organized by customizable views. The purpose of views are to help you filter and tag subsets of highlights created and aggregated from folders.

Editing any data in a view

The beauty of CustomerIQ is, while AI automates most processes, you can update any data the AI creates.

To update the title of a view:

  • Click the title to edit and update

To update anything about an insight:

  • Click the insight to open the insight modal

  • Click to update the insight

  • Update sentiment

  • Explore the original submission

  • Explore related objects

To bulk update highlights

  • Check the box next to any number of highlights and:

    • Add/remove tags

    • Delete highlights

Now, let's explore views capabilities.


Any view can filter by a number of insight attributes including

  • Folder

  • Sentiment

  • Create date

  • Contact

  • Account

  • Contact tag

  • Account tag

  • View tag

Filters can be stacked to accomplish specific subsets of highlights.


Allows you to group highlights by the selected attribute. The most popular group is by View tag, where the view will display each insight by the view tag created by you or the AI. Views can group by:

  • View tag

  • Sentiment

  • Contact

  • Account


Changes the order in which highlights are displayed. By default highlights are set to sort by create date but there are many additional options for sorting.


This tasks the AI with discovering themes among the highlights in view and tagging each insight with the subsequent theme.


This tasks the AI with tagging highlights according to any existing tags on highlights in the view. Classify requires at least 2 tags are present in view to work.

This filters highlights in view to highlights that are most relevant to your query. Unlike a keyword search, topic search takes into account semantic relevance. This means you are able to surface highlights that are similar to your query, but not an exact match.

AI Summaries

As changes are made to the view the AI will summarize the view for quick and easy analysis. You can always generate a new summary by selecting "New summary" under the provided summary.


All analysis in a view is governed by tags. While discover and classify will tag highlights automatically, you can add/update tags on highlights manually by selecting the row or opening the insight modal.

Nested Views

When you filter a view by a tag from a different view, your view will automatically nest as a child of the parent view (where the original tag was generated). We do this to illustrate the relationship between the views. If the parent view is updated, the child views will also update.

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