Nested views

Views filtered by tags of another view will nest under each other accordingly

When you filter a view by a "view tag", you create a parent/child relationship between views. We display this relationship using nested views, which you can see in the side navigation menu.

Nested views are a simple way to build robust, specific analysis across views.

Shortcut: Create a view from tag

When highlights are grouped by tag, you can quickly create a nested view filtered by that tag by selecting the group's action menu > Create view from tag

Examples of when you might use nest views:

  • Split up large groups: sometimes views with a lot of data can cluster into large groups. Discover more themes by drilling down into these larger groups

  • Use the assistant: if you want the assistant to focus on a specific theme it's helpful to filter by only that theme.

Remember: As new data is added to folders, classification views can continue tagging uncategorized highlights, making nested views all the more valuable!

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