YouTube Video Comments

How to import YouTube video comments to Folders

YouTube channels with active communities can be a treasure trove of highlights. Here's how to extract comments and add to a CustomerIQ Folder

Step 1: Create your folder in CustomerIQ

Create a new folder for the YouTube comments. We recommend turning the AI extract feature off, since comments are typically short and cover one topic.

Step 2: Add Dataminer to Chrome

We recommend using Dataminer for simple web scraping. Go to and add the chrome extension. We will use the public Youtube comment recipe to get your comments.

Step 3: Navigate to video and scrape comments

From the Youtube page, open the Dataminer scraper and use the public Youtube recipe to extract all the comments on screen.

Tip: It helps to scroll to the bottom of the page to make sure you get all the comments

Step 4: Add comments to CSV and upload to CustomerIQ

After you have scraped all your comments, copy them to your clipboard and paste into a CSV for upload to Customeriq.

Learn more about uploading via CSV here

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